HP 915XL Black Ink Cartridge 3YM22AA

The HP 915XL Black Ink Cartridge (3YM22AA) is a high-yield inkjet cartridge designed for use with HP printers. Here are some details about this cartridge:

  • Page Yield: Approximately 825 pages in black and white printing.
  • Compatibility: It is compatible with the following HP printers:
    • HP OfficeJet AiO Printer 8010
    • HP OfficeJet AiO Printer 8012
    • HP OfficeJet AiO Printer 8020
    • HP OfficeJet AiO Printer 8022
    • HP OfficeJet AiO Printer 8026
    • HP OfficeJet AiO Printer 8028

This cartridge provides reliable and lasting prints, and it’s a great choice for your printing needs. Remember to check printer compatibility before purchasing. 🖨️💡

What is the difference between HP 915 and HP 915XL?

The HP 915 and HP 915XL ink cartridges differ primarily in their page yield and capacity. Let me break it down for you:

  1. HP 915:
    • Page Yield: Approximately 200 pages for black and white printing.
    • Designed for moderate printing needs.
    • Suitable for home users or small offices with light printing requirements.
  2. HP 915XL:
    • Page Yield: Approximately 825 pages for black and white printing.
    • High-yield cartridge, ideal for heavy printing tasks.
    • Cost-effective for those who print frequently or in larger volumes.

In summary, if you print infrequently or have minimal printing needs, the standard HP 915 cartridge should suffice. However, if you require more prints and want to save on replacements, the HP 915XL is a better choice. 🖨️💡

HP 915XL Black Ink Cartridge Price Compare:

HP.com $73.00

My Deal :$82.10

Officeworks :$74.61



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