Canon Pixma PGI 72 MBK Matt Black Ink Cartridge


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The Canon Pixma PGI-72 MBK (Matte Black) Ink Cartridge is a genuine ink product designed for use in compatible Canon Pixma printers. This cartridge is specifically formulated to produce high-quality prints with rich, deep matte black tones, making it ideal for both text and image printing.

Compatibility and Features

The PGI-72 MBK cartridge is part of Canon’s PGI-72 ink series, which includes various colors to support a wide range of printing needs. This particular cartridge is compatible with select Canon Pixma printers, ensuring optimal performance and print quality when used with the appropriate devices.Key features of the Canon PGI-72 MBK ink cartridge include:

  • Genuine Canon product, ensuring compatibility and quality
  • Matte black ink formulation for deep, non-reflective black tones
  • Part of the PGI-72 ink series, which offers a range of colors for versatile printing
  • Designed for use in specific Canon Pixma printer models

Print Quality and Performance

Canon’s PGI-72 MBK ink cartridge is engineered to deliver superior print quality, particularly for applications that require a rich, matte black finish. The matte black ink is especially useful for:

  • Text documents with a professional appearance
  • Photographic prints that require deep blacks without glare
  • Graphic designs and artwork that benefit from non-reflective black areas

When used in conjunction with other colors from the PGI-72 series, users can expect to produce beautiful prints with accurate color reproduction and fine detail.

Availability and Packaging

The Canon PGI-72 MBK ink cartridge is widely available from various retailers and online stores. It can be purchased individually or as part of a multipack with other colors from the PGI-72 series.Some packaging options include:

  • Single cartridge of PGI-72 MBK (Matte Black)
  • Multipack combinations with other colors (e.g., cyan, magenta, yellow, red)
  • Bulk packs for high-volume users or those looking to stock up

Price and Value

Prices for the Canon PGI-72 MBK ink cartridge may vary depending on the retailer and any ongoing promotions. As an example, one retailer offers the cartridge for $16.85. It’s worth noting that purchasing genuine Canon ink cartridges, while potentially more expensive than third-party alternatives, ensures the best compatibility, print quality, and longevity for your Canon Pixma printer.

Benefits of Using Genuine Canon Ink

Using genuine Canon ink cartridges like the PGI-72 MBK offers several advantages:

  • Guaranteed compatibility with Canon Pixma printers
  • Optimal print quality and color accuracy
  • Potential cost savings through efficient ink usage
  • Protection of your printer’s warranty
  • Consistent performance and reliability

Canon claims that using their genuine ink cartridges can help users save up to 10% on ink costs, likely due to their efficiency and performance.

Environmental Considerations

While specific environmental information for the PGI-72 MBK cartridge is not provided in the search results, it’s worth noting that many printer manufacturers, including Canon, have recycling programs for used ink cartridges. Users are encouraged to dispose of empty cartridges responsibly by participating in these recycling initiatives.


The Canon Pixma PGI-72 MBK Matt Black Ink Cartridge is a high-quality, genuine Canon product designed to deliver excellent print results for compatible Pixma printers. Its matte black formulation makes it particularly suitable for professional documents, high-quality photographic prints, and graphic designs that require deep, non-reflective black tones. While the initial cost may be higher than some alternatives, the benefits of using genuine Canon ink in terms of quality, reliability, and potential long-term savings make it a worthwhile investment for those seeking the best output from their Canon Pixma printers.When purchasing the PGI-72 MBK cartridge, users should ensure they are buying from reputable sources to guarantee authenticity and freshness of the product. Additionally, considering multipack options or bulk purchases may offer better value for frequent users or those with high-volume printing needs.

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