Canon PGI 72 PBK Photo Black Ink Cartridge


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  • Color: Photo Black
  • Ink Type: Dye-based
  • Compatibility: Canon Pixma PRO-10, Canon Pixma PRO-10S
  • Page Yield: Approximately 44 pages A3+
  • ChromaLife100 System: Ensures long-lasting prints and photos.

The Canon PGI-72 PBK (Photo Black) Ink Cartridge is a high-quality, pigment-based ink product designed for use in specific Canon printer models. As part of the PGI-72 ink series, this cartridge is engineered to produce professional-grade photographic prints with deep, rich blacks and exceptional detail.

Compatibility and Features

The PGI-72 PBK cartridge is compatible with select Canon printers, primarily those in the PIXMA PRO series. These printers are often used by professional photographers, graphic designers, and enthusiasts who demand superior print quality.Key features of the Canon PGI-72 PBK Photo Black Ink Cartridge include:

  • Pigment-based ink formulation for long-lasting, fade-resistant prints
  • Optimized for producing high-quality photographic prints
  • Part of the PGI-72 ink series, which includes a range of colors for versatile printing needs
  • Designed to work seamlessly with compatible Canon printers for optimal performance

Print Quality and Performance

The PGI-72 PBK cartridge is specifically formulated to deliver exceptional print quality, particularly for photographic applications. The photo black ink is crucial for:

  • Producing deep, rich blacks in photographic prints
  • Enhancing contrast and detail in shadow areas
  • Creating smooth gradients and tonal transitions
  • Achieving a professional finish on glossy and semi-glossy photo papers

When used in conjunction with other colors from the PGI-72 series, users can expect to produce stunning prints with accurate color reproduction, fine detail, and excellent longevity.

Ink Technology

The pigment-based ink technology used in the PGI-72 PBK cartridge offers several advantages:

  • Improved water resistance compared to dye-based inks
  • Enhanced lightfastness, resulting in prints that resist fading for longer periods
  • Better color stability and print longevity
  • Excellent performance on a wide range of paper types, including specialty photo papers

Availability and Packaging

The Canon PGI-72 PBK Photo Black Ink Cartridge is widely available from various retailers, both in physical stores and online. It can be purchased individually or as part of a multipack with other colors from the PGI-72 series.Packaging options include:

  • Single cartridge of PGI-72 PBK (Photo Black)
  • Multipack combinations with other colors (e.g., cyan, magenta, yellow, gray)
  • Value packs for users with high-volume printing needs

Price and Value

Prices for the Canon PGI-72 PBK ink cartridge can vary depending on the retailer and any ongoing promotions. As an example:

  • InkStation offers a compatible version for $11.49 (discounted from $13.21)
  • InkWarehouse sells the genuine Canon PGI-72 Photo Black cartridge for $19.99 including GST
  • Other retailers may have different pricing, so it’s worth comparing options

While genuine Canon cartridges may be more expensive than third-party alternatives, they offer several benefits that can justify the higher cost:

  • Guaranteed compatibility with Canon printers
  • Optimal print quality and color accuracy
  • Potential long-term savings through efficient ink usage
  • Protection of your printer’s warranty
  • Consistent performance and reliability

Benefits of Using Genuine Canon Ink

Using genuine Canon ink cartridges like the PGI-72 PBK offers several advantages:

  • Assurance of print quality: Canon’s inks are specifically formulated to work with their printers, ensuring the best possible output.
  • Color consistency: Genuine inks provide accurate and consistent colors across prints.
  • Printer longevity: Using Canon inks helps maintain the printer’s performance and can extend its lifespan.
  • Warranty protection: Some printer warranties may be voided if damage occurs due to the use of non-genuine inks.

Environmental Considerations

Canon has implemented various environmental initiatives related to their ink cartridges:

  • Recycling programs: Many regions have Canon ink cartridge recycling programs, allowing users to dispose of empty cartridges responsibly.
  • Eco-friendly packaging: Canon has been working to reduce the environmental impact of their packaging materials.
  • Energy efficiency: The production process for genuine Canon inks may be more energy-efficient compared to some third-party alternatives.

Installation and Usage Tips

To get the best results from your Canon PGI-72 PBK Photo Black Ink Cartridge:

  • Store unused cartridges in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight
  • Install the cartridge immediately after removing it from its packaging
  • Ensure the printer is turned on before installing the cartridge
  • Follow the printer’s on-screen instructions for cartridge installation and alignment
  • Use high-quality photo paper for best results, especially for professional or exhibition prints


If you encounter issues with your PGI-72 PBK cartridge:

  • Check that the cartridge is properly seated in the printer
  • Clean the print heads if you notice any streaking or inconsistent output
  • Ensure you’re using the correct paper type settings in your printer driver
  • If problems persist, consult your printer’s manual or contact Canon support


The Canon PGI-72 PBK Photo Black Ink Cartridge is a high-quality, professional-grade ink product designed for users who demand exceptional photographic prints. Its pigment-based formulation ensures rich, deep blacks and excellent print longevity, making it ideal for professional photographers, artists, and enthusiasts alike.While the initial cost may be higher than some alternatives, the benefits of using genuine Canon ink in terms of quality, reliability, and potential long-term savings make it a worthwhile investment for those seeking the best output from their compatible Canon printers.When purchasing the PGI-72 PBK cartridge, consider buying from authorized retailers to ensure authenticity and freshness. For frequent users or those with high-volume printing needs, exploring multipack options or bulk purchases may offer better value in the long run.By choosing the Canon PGI-72 PBK Photo Black Ink Cartridge, users can be confident in producing professional-quality prints that showcase their work in the best possible light.


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