Oki MB451 Black Toner Cartridge

OKI MB451, OKI B401

$ 145.00


The Oki MB451 Black Toner Cartridge is available in two yield options:

  1. Standard Yield: This cartridge produces approximately 1,500 pages.
  2. High Yield: The high yield version can print up to 2,500 pages.

Both standard and high yield cartridges are compatible with the Oki MB451 printer model. The toner cartridges are genuine Oki products, ensuring optimal print quality and performance with the MB451 printer. These cartridges are currently in stock across various retailers, making them readily available for purchase.When choosing between the standard and high yield options, consider your printing volume and frequency. The high yield cartridge may be more cost-effective for users with higher print demands, while the standard yield might suffice for less frequent printing needs.

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