Kyocera TK5284 Black Toner


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The Kyocera TK-5284 is a black toner cartridge designed for use with certain Kyocera printer models. As with all toner cartridges, compatibility is crucial, and users should always verify that the TK-5284 is compatible with their specific Kyocera printer model before purchasing.

Key Specifications:

  • Model Number: TK-5284
  • Color: Black
  • Technology: Laser

While the exact page yield for the TK-5284 is not provided in the search results, we can look at similar Kyocera cartridges for reference. For example, the Q-Image Compatible Kyocera TK-3164 has an estimated page yield of 12,500 pages at 5% coverage. The TK-5284 may have a similar high yield, making it suitable for high-volume printing environments.


Without specific information on the TK-5284, we can’t list exact compatible printer models. However, Kyocera toner cartridges are typically designed for use with specific printer series. For example, the TK-3164 is compatible with Kyocera Ecosys machines such as P3045DN, M3645DN, M3645IDN, M3145IDN, M3145DN, and P3145DN. Users should check Kyocera’s official website or their printer’s documentation to confirm compatibility for the TK-5284.

Print Quality and Performance

Kyocera designs its toner cartridges to deliver consistent, high-quality prints. When used with compatible Kyocera printers, the TK-5284 cartridge should produce sharp text and clear images, ensuring that documents and other printed materials maintain a professional appearance.

Expected Performance Features:

  1. Consistent Quality: Kyocera toner formulations typically ensure that each print is as clear and sharp as the last, maintaining a professional appearance throughout the cartridge’s life.
  2. High Yield: Based on similar Kyocera cartridges, the TK-5284 is likely to offer a high page yield, making it ideal for businesses and individuals who require frequent, high-volume printing.
  3. Reliability: Kyocera’s reputation suggests that the TK-5284 cartridge would perform reliably, reducing the risk of print defects and malfunctions.

Benefits of Using Genuine Kyocera Toner Cartridges

1. Cost Efficiency

One of the primary benefits of Kyocera toner cartridges, including the TK-5284, is their cost efficiency. Although the initial purchase price may be higher than some alternatives, the high page yield typically results in a lower cost per page. This can lead to significant savings over time, especially for users with high printing volumes.

2. Reduced Downtime

The high yield of Kyocera cartridges means fewer cartridge changes, which translates to reduced downtime and increased productivity. This is particularly beneficial in busy office environments where time is of the essence.

3. Environmental Impact

Using high-yield cartridges like the Kyocera TK-5284 can have a positive environmental impact. Fewer cartridge changes mean less waste, and Kyocera likely offers recycling programs to help users dispose of used cartridges responsibly, as is common practice among major printer manufacturers.

4. Superior Print Quality

Genuine Kyocera cartridges are designed to produce high-quality prints consistently. This is crucial for businesses that need to maintain a professional image through their printed materials. Whether printing text documents or graphics, genuine cartridges ensure that the output is crisp and clear.

5. Compatibility and Integration

The Kyocera TK-5284 is specifically designed to work seamlessly with compatible Kyocera printers. This ensures optimal performance and reduces the risk of compatibility issues that can arise with third-party cartridges.

Pricing and Availability

While specific pricing for the TK-5284 is not provided in the search results, we can observe that other Kyocera toner cartridges are readily available from various retailers. For example:

  • A 5-pack of compatible Kyocera TK-5444K Black toner cartridges is priced at $244.79.
  • The Kyocera TK3194 Black Toner Cartridge (Original) is in stock at CartridgesDirect.
  • The Compatible Kyocera TK-3194 Black Toner Cartridge is also in stock at CartridgesDirect.
  • The Genuine Kyocera TK-5244K Black Toner Cartridge is in stock at Ink Station.

These examples suggest that both genuine and compatible versions of Kyocera toner cartridges, including potentially the TK-5284, are likely to be widely available from various retailers.

Installation and Usage Tips

While specific instructions for the TK-5284 are not provided, here are general tips for installing and using toner cartridges:

  1. Carefully remove the toner cartridge from its packaging, avoiding touching the drum or roller to prevent damage.
  2. Gently shake the cartridge from side to side to distribute the toner evenly.
  3. Remove any protective seals or tabs from the cartridge.
  4. Open the printer’s toner compartment and insert the cartridge, ensuring it is securely in place.
  5. Perform regular maintenance on your printer, such as cleaning the interior and checking for any toner buildup, to ensure optimal performance.
  6. Monitor toner levels and order replacements before the cartridge is completely empty to avoid interruptions in printing.

Comparison with Compatible Alternatives

The search results provide information about compatible alternatives to genuine Kyocera cartridges:

  1. Availability: Compatible cartridges, such as the Q-Image Compatible Kyocera TK-3164, are readily available from various retailers.
  2. Price: Compatible cartridges are typically less expensive than genuine OEM cartridges, which can be attractive for budget-conscious users. For example, a 5-pack of compatible Kyocera TK-5444K Black toner cartridges is priced at $244.79.
  3. Quality: While compatible cartridges may offer cost savings, they may not provide the same level of quality and reliability as genuine Kyocera cartridges. Users should weigh the potential trade-offs between cost and performance.
  4. Yield: Some compatible cartridges offer high page yields comparable to genuine Kyocera cartridges. For example, the Q-Image Compatible Kyocera TK-3164 has an estimated page yield of 12,500 pages at 5% coverage.

Page Yield Considerations

The page yield of a toner cartridge is an important factor to consider when making a purchase. While we don’t have specific information for the TK-5284, we can look at similar Kyocera cartridges for reference. For instance, the Q-Image Compatible Kyocera TK-3164 has an estimated page yield of 12,500 pages at 5% coverage.When comparing page yields, it’s crucial to remember that these estimates are typically based on 5% page coverage. Actual yield can vary depending on the content being printed, printer settings, and environmental conditions.


The Kyocera TK-5284 Black Toner Cartridge, while not directly described in the search results, is likely a reliable choice for users of compatible Kyocera printers. Kyocera’s reputation for quality and performance in their toner cartridges suggests that the TK-5284 would offer good print quality, high yield, and reliability.When considering the Kyocera TK-5284, users should weigh the benefits of using a genuine Kyocera product against potentially lower-priced compatible alternatives. For those who value consistent quality, reliability, and warranty protection, genuine Kyocera toner cartridges like the TK-5284 likely represent a worthwhile investment in their printing needs.It’s important for potential buyers to verify the compatibility of the Kyocera TK-5284 with their specific printer model, check the estimated page yield to ensure it meets their printing volume needs, and compare prices from various retailers to get the best value.Ultimately, the choice of toner cartridge depends on individual printing requirements, budget considerations, and the importance placed on using genuine OEM products. For users who prioritize optimal performance and print quality from their Kyocera printers, the genuine Kyocera TK-5284 Black Toner Cartridge likely stands as a dependable and high-quality option. However, for those looking to reduce costs and who are willing to accept potential trade-offs in quality and reliability, compatible alternatives are available and may be worth considering.When purchasing, users can take advantage of the wide availability of Kyocera toner cartridges from various retailers. Many offer in-stock products and customer support to help make the right decision. Always check for compatibility, compare prices, and consider factors such as print quality, reliability, and overall value when making your choice.

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