HP 61XL Tri Col Ink CH564WA


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  • Page Yield: You can expect to print approximately 300 color pages with this high-capacity tri-color ink cartridge.
  • Print Technology: The HP 61XL uses dual drop technology, allowing for enhanced detail in photos and providing smooth, even color prints.
  • Compatibility: This cartridge is compatible with various HP printers, including models like the DeskJet 1000DeskJet 1050DeskJet 2000DeskJet 2050, and DeskJet 30501.
  • Value for Money: Choose Original HP Inks for fade-resistant printing of photos and documents that last generations with consistent performance.
  • Sustainability: Most Original HP Ink cartridges are made from recycled materials, including plastic bottles and ocean-bound plastics, contributing to a circular economy.

The HP 61XL Tri-Color Ink Cartridge (CH564WA) is a high-yield ink cartridge designed for use in compatible HP printers. This cartridge contains tri-color ink, which includes cyan, magenta, and yellow, allowing for vibrant color printing.

As a high-yield cartridge, the HP 61XL is designed to produce more prints than its standard counterpart, making it a cost-effective choice for users who print frequently or in large volumes. The exact page yield may vary depending on the specific content being printed and the printer settings used.

The CH564WA cartridge is compatible with various HP printer models, including some from the Deskjet, ENVY, and OfficeJet series. It’s important to check your printer’s compatibility before purchasing this cartridge to ensure it will work with your specific model.

**Performance and Quality**

Users have reported mixed experiences with this ink cartridge. On the HP Australia website, the product has received an average rating of 3.7 out of 5 stars based on 7 reviews[1]. However, on the HP New Zealand website, it has a higher rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars based on 24 reviews. This discrepancy in ratings could be due to various factors, including different user expectations, printer models, or regional variations in product quality.

When used correctly, the HP 61XL Tri-Color Ink Cartridge should produce vivid and accurate colors for various printing tasks, including documents with graphics, photos, and other color-rich content.

**Availability and Pricing**

The HP 61XL Tri-Color Ink Cartridge (CH564WA) is widely available from various retailers, both online and in physical stores. Some notable points regarding availability and pricing include:

– It is available directly from HP’s official website in both Australia and New Zealand.
– The cartridge can be found at office supply stores and electronics retailers.
– Online marketplaces and specialized ink retailers also carry this product.

**Environmental Considerations**

HP offers recycling programs for used ink cartridges in many regions. Users are encouraged to participate in these programs to reduce environmental impact and promote sustainable practices in printing.

**Tips for Optimal Use**

To get the most out of your HP 61XL Tri-Color Ink Cartridge:

1. Store unused cartridges in their original packaging until ready for use.
2. Install the cartridge promptly once the printer indicates low ink levels.
3. Use the printer regularly to prevent ink from drying out.
4. Adjust print settings based on your needs – draft mode for everyday documents and high-quality settings for important prints or photos.
5. Use genuine HP paper for best results, especially for photo printing.


If you experience issues with your HP 61XL Tri-Color Ink Cartridge:

1. Ensure the cartridge is properly installed and seated in the printer.
2. Clean the print heads if you notice streaking or poor print quality.
3. Check for any error messages on your printer and consult the user manual for specific troubleshooting steps.
4. If problems persist, contact HP support or the retailer where you purchased the cartridge.


While the HP 61XL Tri-Color Ink Cartridge is designed for optimal performance with compatible HP printers, some users may consider alternative options:

1. Standard yield HP 61 cartridge: This option may be more suitable for less frequent printing needs.
2. Remanufactured or compatible cartridges: These third-party options may offer cost savings but could potentially impact print quality or printer warranty.
3. Ink subscription services: HP offers ink subscription plans that automatically send new cartridges when your printer detects low ink levels.

In conclusion, the HP 61XL Tri-Color Ink Cartridge (CH564WA) is a high-yield option for compatible HP printers, offering vibrant color printing for a variety of uses. While user experiences may vary, it remains a popular choice for those seeking genuine HP ink cartridges. When purchasing, consider factors such as your printing volume, budget, and specific printer model to determine if this cartridge is the right choice for your needs.


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