Epson T04D1 Maintenance Box


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The Epson T04D1 Maintenance Box is an essential component for certain Epson printers. Let me provide you with some details about this maintenance box:

  • Compatibility: The T04D1 Maintenance Box is designed for use with the following Epson printer models:
    • EcoTank ET-4750
    • EcoTank ET-3700
    • WorkForce WF-2860
    • Expression Home XP-5100
    • EcoTank ET-M3170
    • EcoTank ET-M3180
    • EcoTank ET-M1180
    • EcoTank ET-M2170
    • EcoTank ET-M1170
    • EcoTank ET-4850
    • EcoTank ET-3800
    • EcoTank Pro ET-5170
    • EcoTank Pro ET-5150
    • WorkForce WF-2960
    • Expression Home XP-5200
  • Function: The maintenance box stores ink that gets flushed from the system during print head cleaning. Your printer and its software will alert you when the maintenance box needs to be replaced.

If you own one of the compatible printers, it’s essential to keep the maintenance box in good condition to ensure optimal printer performance. When the printer notifies you, simply replace the maintenance box to maintain smooth printing operations. 😊

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