Brother LC3317 3PK Colour Pack


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The Brother LC3317 CMY Colour Pack is a set of genuine Brother ink cartridges designed for use with specific Brother inkjet printers. This pack includes three separate cartridges: Cyan (C), Magenta (M), and Yellow (Y), providing users with a complete set of color inks for their printing needs.Key Specifications:

  1. Page Yield: Each cartridge in the LC3317 CMY Colour Pack offers a page yield of approximately 550 pages, ensuring a substantial printing capacity for users with moderate to high color printing requirements.
  2. Ink Type: The cartridges contain high-quality, dye-based inks that deliver vibrant and true-to-life colors, ideal for printing photos, graphics, and color documents.
  3. Compatibility: This color pack is compatible with various Brother inkjet printer models, including but not limited to the MFC-J5330DW, MFC-J5730DW, and MFC-J6530DW series.
  4. Genuine Brother Product: As original Brother cartridges, they are designed to work seamlessly with compatible printers, ensuring optimal print quality and reliability.
  5. Dimensions: The shipping dimensions of the pack are approximately 0.120m in width and 0.050m in height.
  6. Weight: The shipping weight of the color pack is approximately 0.1400kg.

Performance and Technology:

The Brother LC3317 CMY Colour Pack incorporates advanced ink technology to deliver exceptional color reproduction and print quality. The inks are formulated to produce sharp, vivid images and text, with excellent color accuracy and consistency across prints.These cartridges feature Brother’s innovative ink delivery system, which ensures efficient ink usage and helps prevent clogging, contributing to the overall reliability and longevity of the printer. The individual color cartridges allow users to replace only the color that has run out, reducing waste and potentially lowering printing costs.

User Benefits:

  1. Print Quality: The high-quality dye-based inks produce vibrant, long-lasting prints with excellent color accuracy.
  2. Cost-Effectiveness: With a yield of 550 pages per cartridge, users can print a substantial number of documents before needing replacements.
  3. Convenience: The pack includes all three color cartridges, saving time and effort in purchasing individual colors.
  4. Reliability: As genuine Brother products, these cartridges ensure consistent performance and compatibility with Brother printers.

Environmental Considerations:Brother is committed to environmental sustainability, and users are encouraged to recycle empty cartridges through Brother’s cartridge recycling program, helping to reduce environmental impact.In conclusion, the Brother LC3317 CMY Colour Pack offers a high-quality, reliable color printing solution for compatible Brother inkjet printers. Its high yield, superior print quality, and cost-effectiveness make it an excellent choice for both home and office users who require vibrant color prints for their documents, photos, and graphics.

3 Pack Brother LC3317 Genuine Ink Cartridge Value Pack – Consists of:

  • 1 x Brother LC3317C Cyan Ink Cartridge – 550 pages.
  • 1 x Brother LC3317M Magenta Ink Cartridge – 550 pages.
  • 1 x Brother LC3317Y Yellow Ink Cartridge – 550 pages.
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